Okinawa Coral Calcium Plus

ยี่ห้อ : Golden Herb Thailand

รุ่น : Okinawa Coral Calcium Plus / โอกินาวา คอรอลแคลเซียม พลัส

ขนาด : 1,800 mg.

จำนวน : 60 แคปซูล

Product Details

Okinawa Coral Calcium contains the alkaline minerals calcium and magnesium, as well as other essential trace minerals. An initial study on an alkaline mineral blend demonstrated an increase in blood alkalinity (pH) and buffering capacity. Proper alkalinity (pH) of the blood is critical for the overall health of the body. Okinawa Coral Calcium is eco-friendly: it is harvested in Okinawa, Japan from fossilized (dead) coral and is not harmful to living coral.



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