Golden Pearl Collagen Whitening & Spot Formula 90 cap.

รหัส : GD0097

ยี่ห้อ : Golden Herb Thailand

รุ่น : Golden Pearl Collagen Whitening & Spot Formula   แคปซูลสมุนไพรคอลลาเจนไข่มุกแก้มหอม สูตร 2

ขนาด : 1,000 mg.

จำนวน : 90 capsules Softgels

US. FDA Registration #15804355864

Product Details
100% Pure Natural Extract (free gene transferring ingredients). This product is made of precious natural ingredients, such as: pearl, aloe, glossy ganoderma, lagehead atracly lodes, grape seed, EPO oil Premium Marine Collagen
and ginseng. This product qualifying in whitening skin, removing black and brown spot, absorb any toxins and helps to make you look good and healthy from inside to the outsideIt was proved and tested by clinical lab in Japan.

Storage : Please store under shade and dry environment. Keep away from children.

Unavailability : Users who suffer from serious disease, sensitive to medicine and pregnant woman shall not recommend to take this product.

Main Ingredients: Premium Marine Collagen Pearl, Aloe Vera, Glossy Ganoderma, Large Headed Atractylodes, Grape Seeds Extract, EPO Oil and Ginseng.

Dosage: Twice a day, 1 pill each time, orally take empty stomach in the morning and evening.

Tip : Please take more water or some fruit after taking the product.