Golden Cancer Formula Andes Alkaline Pink Salt

รหัส : GD0082
ยี่ห้อ : Golden Herb Thailand

รุ่น : Golden Cancer Formula Andes Alkaline Pink Salt เกลืออัลคาไลน์ สีชมพู จากเทือกเขาแอนดีส

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US. FDA Registration #15804355864

Product Details
Formed over the last 300 million year, Pink Salt has a pure, natural taste that everyone can enjoy. Contains a higher level of minerals and iron, which is 20 times more than average household salt, resulting in beautiful pink
Naturally produced in the earth and extracted from the depths of the Andes Mountains.
Due to the natural environment from which our Pink Salt has been obtained, Mineral level may vary slightly from data shown above. The Color May vary due to Slight differences in iron levels. However, we guarantee that the excellent quality of our Pink Salt remains the same