Golden Hormones & Lady Gold Time Purifier Essence

รหัส : GD0016
ยี่ห้อ : Golden Herb Thailand
รุ่น : Golden Hormones & Lady Gold Time Purifier Essence น้ำสมุนไพรสกัดสูตรสตรีวัยหมดประจำเดือน
ขนาด : 60 ml.

Product Details
It has been used historically for hormone imbalance. Changease is rich with phyto-sterols,
which are plant hormones. The body takes these phyto-sterols and the liver adapts them into a form that the human body can use, based upon the body’s need at a particular time. This formula is popular among those experiencing hormone imbalance of any kind, menopause, PMS, etc. It is safe and tested for both females and males. It was marketed heavily via Nature’s Way, and known as “Change-O-Life”.

As a herbal supplement take 5-30 drops as needed or as directed by your health care